MC Scow


The “MC” Scow was first conceived by Harry Melges, Sr. in 1950 and was based on the M-16 hull. In 1965, Harry and son, Buddy Melges, designed today’s fiberglass ”MC” Scow. It is cat-rigged (one main sail only). The MC is sailed single-handed most of the time, but a crew member can be added depending upon skipper’s weight and strength of the wind. Skippers range in age from youth to sailors in their 70 ’s. Fleet Charter, Fleet Number 72 was issued in November 2001.



Current Specifications
Crew 1 to 2
Type Monohull (Scow)
Rig Cat rig
LOA 16 ft.
Beam 5 ft. 8 in.
Hull weight 420 lb
Mainsail area 135 sq. ft.