C Scow

On the lakes in the U.S. where conditions are not suited to keel boats the scow type sailboat is used. The boat is flat, has one sail, two side boards, and a single rudder. On a reach it is exceedingly fast.

Unlike typical mono-hulled sailboats, the flat bottomed C Scow was designed to sail at more of an angle. It helps the boat cut through the waves when wind gusts appear on the lake. It also reduces the friction created by projecting a very small surface area. It increases the waterline length of the boat. These all help to create speed.

The boards are also “toed-in” a few degrees to provide some extra lift. Lou Purmort began his sailing career on the “Cat”. Lou initiated the “Cat” fleet at Lake Arrowhead.

The C Scow has proven to be an excellent vessel to sail on our lake, and with both the A and B fleets, the C Scow is an ever-present sight on the weekends. Today, the LAYC “C” Scow fleet is the largest in the nation.


Length 20 ft.
Beam 7 ft.
Hull Fiberglass
Hull Wgt 650 lbs.
Crew 2-3
Main 216 sq. ft.
Spar Aluminum