LAYC Sailing Instructions



  1. RULES
    1. All races and regattas sponsored by the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club will be governed by the current “Racing Rules of Sailing” (RRS), including the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, LAYC Sailing Instructions, and current class rules for all classes. Said class rules shall be filed with the Principal Race Officer (PRO) or Race Committee Chairperson (RCC) before the start of the racing season. No class rule shall take precedence over any portion of the LAYC Sailing Instructions.
    2. These Sailing Instructions may be modified as provided in RRS 86.1(b) and 90.2(c) by the PRO or RCC or by a vote of the LAYC Board of Directors.
    1. All eligible boats must carry unique sail numbers and current state and ALA registrations with proper stickers attached and visible on the boat. Visitors competing in a sanctioned regatta are exempt except for a state registration.
    2. Helmsmen must be members in good standing of the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club to participate in LAYC races. Helmsmen may compete as either an individual or as a team.

      A Team shall consist of two members in good standing. They must register with the Race Committee prior to competing in any series. Whichever helmsman starts a race must remain the helmsman for the entire race. A helmsman may not be a member of more than one team. If a helmsman races as part of a team for a portion of a series and registers as a solo helmsman for another portion of a series, or if a helmsman sails as part of a team in one series and registers as a solo helmsman in other series, the solo helmsman’s total score will include all points earned by the helmsman while sailing as a solo helmsman plus the equivalent points of Did Not Race for races in which he was part of a team. Team competition is not permitted in Fleets with hull lengths less than 15 feet, or for invitational races.

      For invitational races, membership in good standing with any other established yacht club or sailing association should qualify the helmsman for participation.
    3. Before the first race of the season, and at any time during the season that the helmsman or a sail number changes, a Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club Participant Registration form must be submitted to the RCC or the Official Scorekeeper no later than fifteen minutes prior to the Race Committee’s departure from the yacht club dock. In extraordinary circumstances and before a race day’s second race, verbal notice of the change may be given by a competitor to the Race Committee after the prescribed deadline, but no later than the warning signal five (5) minutes prior to the class start. The RCC will have sole discretion for evaluation of circumstances and acceptance of such late notices.
    1. The schedule of races is printed in the calendar section of the LAYC yearbook, and on the website.
    2. All notices to competitors, including changes in courses or schedule will be posted on the LAYC Race Committee bulletin board by 1800 hours, the day prior to the race.
    3. Typically, two (2) races will be scheduled on Saturdays and one (1) race will be scheduled on Sundays. The Race Committee has discretion to modify this schedule as prescribed herein when considering relevant safety, regulatory, and scheduling concerns. If a fleet wants to modify this schedule, it must submit its request in writing to the PRO or RCC before the first sanctioned race of the season.
    4. This will be the order of start:  
      8 1345 Laser
      6 1345 Optimist
      4 1350 MC Scow
      5 1350 Geary 18
      3 1355 Hobie 16
      1 1400 C Scow A
      2 1405 C Scow B
      7 1410 Wave
      The first warning signal (5 minutes prior to the start) shall sound at 1340 hours. If the required number of boats for a sanctioned race for any class is not in the vicinity of the starting line at the time prescribed by the order above, the PRO or RCC shall have the authority to adjust the subsequent start times so that the sequence of starts can continue uninterrupted.
    5. The Race Committee shall indicate the classes being started by displaying the International Code Flags for each class at the Warning Signal, per RRS 26.
    6. As a courtesy only, one minute prior to the first class’s warning signal, the Race Committee may issue multiple blasts of the horn to signal that the first sequence is about to begin.
    7. On multiple race days, the Race Committee, at its discretion, may start classes in a different order for the second race than listed above.
    8. In the event that a class of boats becomes too numerous for proper starting or racing, the PRO or RCC may at his/her discretion divide such a class into two or more fleets.
    9. Prior to the start of the first LAYC sanctioned race in which a helmsman or team participates in a class with multiple fleets, the helmsman or team shall indicate the fleet in which they wish to participate for the season. To change fleets the helmsman or team must notify the PRO or RCC.
    1. Courses will be chosen from among those listed in the Sailing Courses posted in the clubhouse on the LAYC Race Committee bulletin board. The course letter and number of laps will usually be posted on the starboard side of the Race Committee Signal Boat. The Race Committee may prescribe a course not included in the course list provided that a description of the course is posted on the Race Committee bulletin board at least four hours prior to the published time of start for the first class to use the new course.
    2. Mark #4 as designated in the Sailing Courses shall be an open gate (two marks), instead of a single mark. Boats shall pass between the two gate marks and then pass either the port gate mark to port or the starboard gate mark to starboard. If at any time one of the marks is missing, the remaining mark shall be passed to starboard.
    3. Marks shall be orange buoys or shapes anchored in locations designated on the Sailing Courses Sheet. The location of the marks may be moved at the discretion of the PRO or RCC, provided that said changes in course are in compliance with the procedures in RRS.
    4. To shorten the course, the race committee will display the S flag in the vicinity of a rounding mark of the course. After rounding that mark, boats shall disregard the remaining legs of the course, and finish at the course finishing line. (RRS 32.2)
    5. When the Sailing Course indicates the #6 Mark, Hobie 16 boats shall round the #6A Mark instead with the following exception. In the case of reverse wind, and course V through Z is indicated, Hobie 16 boats shall round the #6 Mark instead of the #6A Mark.
    1. Races will be started in accordance with RRS 26, using the Class Flag as the Warning Signal, with classes starting at five (5) minute intervals in the order stated in Section 3 (D) of these sailing instructions.
    2. Boats will be started between a staff displaying an orange flag or shape on the Race Committee Signal Boat at the starboard end of the line and a numbered mark on the Racing Course Sheet at the port end. Normally, the start will be located at Mark #6. In the event that Mark #6 is not available, or the starting line location is moved as deemed necessary by the Race Committee, a suitable substitute orange marker or shape designated by the Race Committee may be used. For courses V through Z on the Sailing Courses Sheet (Courses that start at Mark #1 (Reverse), boats will be started between a staff displaying an orange flag or shape on the Race Committee Signal Boat at the port end of the line and Mark #1 on the Racing Course Sheet at the starboard end. (RRS 34)
    3. Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with Racing Rule 29.1. General recalls will be in accordance with Racing Rule 29.2, except the starting sequence will not be interrupted and the offending class must clear the area and will start in rotation after the last scheduled start. (RRS 29.2)
    1. The Finish Line will be the line between a staff displaying a blue flag on the Race Committee Signal Boat or designated Race Committee support boat, and the last designated mark of the racecourse. For downwind finishes in the vicinity of Mark #6, the finish mark will be a separate buoy at the port end of the line designated on the course chart as 6(A).
      The location of the Finish Line may be moved as deemed necessary by the Race Committee provided such a move is in compliance with the procedures set forth in RRS. One end of the line will always be a blue flag on an official Race Committee boat.
    1. A boat that fails to start within ten (10) minutes after the starting signal for its class is not eligible to start.
    2. For each class the time limit is 75 minutes. (RRS 35)
    1. Scoring for the season championship in each class is based on all races conducted and finished by LAYC during the season, excluding the Tune-up, Preliminary, Novice, Mile High, and Invitational series.

      Each helmsman’s or team’s total low point score for the races being scored for the season championship is computed by excluding only one race’s results. (RRS A2)
    2. No score shall be excluded in scoring individual series consisting of 6 or fewer races. (RRS A2)
    3. The Low Point System as stated in Appendix A of RRS will be used with the following exception: The last word of the first sentence of Section A5.2 and Section A5.3 “series” is replaced with the word “race”. (RRS A5.2, A5.3)
  9. 9. LAYC RULES
    1. All boats must race in the class for which they are registered. Any changes in sailing class require notification to the PRO or RCC prior to the start of the race.)
    2. All boats must report to the Race Committee at the finish line, or as soon as practical, of their intentions to file a protest (Hearing Request for Protests, requests for Redress, and Reopening form). Exceptions to this rule may be granted under extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the PRO or RCC.)
    3. If more than one boat is carrying the same sail number, color of the sail or sail number notwithstanding, the skipper using the borrowed sail must report to the Official Scorekeeper or the RCC fifteen minutes before the Race Committee departs from the yacht club. Failure to make such notification may be grounds for disqualification and will be decided at the sole discretion of the PRO or RCC.)
    4. Any class rules requiring anchors, paddles, throwable personal flotation devices, or cables are waived.)
    5. Each boat shall keep clear of the starting line until the five-minute warning signal has been given for its class.)
    6. A boat under control shall not sail back through the finish line after completing the race. Such infraction may result in disqualification of the boat by the Protest Committee.)
    7. Racing activities must comply with ALA rules and regulations governing activities on Lake Arrowhead, including the five-mile per hour rule. Failure to follow ALA rules and regulations shall be grounds for appropriate action by the Race Committee under RRS 60.2.)
    8. At the discretion of the PRO or RCC, the Race Committee may end a race prior to all boats crossing the finishing line. Boats will be scored based upon their position on the course at the time the race is ended. Factors that would cause such action would include, but not be limited to:
      1. Lack of sufficient wind to complete the race, when abandonment is not desirable)
      2. B. Lack of sufficient time to complete the race prior to Ski Club Races, when shortening the course is not practical)
      3. C. Distance between competitors and consideration for the start of the next race
    1. One or more scheduled races in which two or more eligible boats of a class authorized by the LAYC Board of Directors start the race, shall constitute a series for the winning of trophies. If a majority of any fleet desires to change this for its fleet only, the fleet shall direct its Fleet Captain to submit a written request to the PRO or RCC prior to the first sanctioned race of the season. The PRO or RCC shall notify the Board of Directors of all such requests.
  11. SAFETY
    1. All helmsmen and crew must wear life jackets when sailing in LAYC sponsored races. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification by the Protest Committee.
    2. A wind velocity of 25 miles per hour or more, or lightning occurring in the vicinity of the racecourse, shall be sufficient cause for the PRO or RCC to postpone or abandon a race.
  12. PROTESTS (Hearing Request for Protests, requests for Redress, and Reopening)
    1. For each class the protest time limit is 45 minutes after the Race Committee Signal Boat has returned to the dock. The protesting boat must notify the Race Committee, as soon as practical, of its intention to file a protest.
      As a courtesy only, the Race Committee will blow one long sound upon its arrival at the yacht club dock.
      All race participants familiar with the Racing Rules shall be encouraged to serve on a Protest Committee when requested.
    1. No boat shall be under tow after its Preparatory Signal.