I guess you could say that I am a product of Lake Arrowhead; as a teenager, my mom (Pat) came to Lake Arrowhead with her friends and loved it. My Grandparents, Dr. Bill and Betty Ader, rented a house the next summer to see what it was all about and also fell in love with Arrowhead. They bought a lot and contracted with S/C Jeff Malcom's father to build what we now call our "family cabin"; it was completed in the early days of winter 1952. From that point on all Ader family free time and vacations were spent at Lake Arrowhead. My Mom was introduced to sailing and the Yacht Club by our neighbor, good family friend, and past LAYC member Dan Keeling. She crewed with Dan on his Lido-14 and enjoyed racing and socializing at LAYC. Dan also introduced her to what we now call "Dahl's Dock", but back in those days it was referred to as "Homme's Dock" which then, as it is now, was the social spot on the lake after racing. My Dad (Tom) was best friends with Phil Homme and as such was a regular at the Homme house and dock. In the summer of 1962, that's where my parents met... "sittin' on the dock of the bay."

My sister Cee Cee (Stussi) and I grew up at Lake Arrowhead. My earliest memories are of family fun at the Lake with my parents and grandparents. When we were kids, Mom would pick us up on the last day of school with the station wagon packed, dog and all, and off we would go to spend the entire summer at the Lake. Our dock neighbors had a Rainbow Skimmer and as a young tyke, I spent hours crewing with them sailing back and forth across our bay, and tipping over... by accident and on purpose. My folks saw what fun I was having with sailing and thought it might be time to get back involved with the Yacht Club. I can clearly remember the day that my Dad took me over to the Yacht Club for the first time. The first person I met was Sharon Griffitts; she took me under her watchful arm and introduced me to her son, Greg. Soon after the two of us headed out in his Skimmer, "Wind Rider", for my first racing experience. Bob Griffitts saluted us, "down-wind-beer" in hand, as he sailed by us on the way to the start line. As I recall we beat Greg's brother, Gary, which was our goal for the day. I was hooked!

The next summer, 1977, we joined the club and bought good old 149 "Streeker". For years I sailed in the Rainbow Skimmer (for a short time with my sister as crew), then moved to Lasers, Geary 18s for a short stint, and then found my love for speed and power sailing as a charter member of Fleet 434 in a Hobie 16. As an older teen I was recruited to the rail of AC-119, and although at first I couldn't understand a word that my skipper was saying, he was a great teacher and I picked up a considerable amount of racing knowledge and tactics as his trusted crew. I later moved on to co-skipper AC-86 with my compadre in crime, Brian Snaer. Together we gave the C-Scow fleet a run for their money for years. Some of my best memories are centered around sailboat racing experiences with my LAYC friends at Arrowhead, at the Black Tie Regatta in Texas, sailing in Mission Bay, and other venues. Some of these stories are best left untold, but all are memorable.

When I think of Lake Arrowhead and the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, I think of all the lasting friendships and great times that I have had over the years. My friends down the hill still cannot fathom why I rarely miss a summer weekend at the Lake. The idea that as teenagers, we were attending the same parties as our parents and grandparents was, and still is, completely foreign to them, but for those of us who have been here, we know that the result is... family. I have always thought of my LAYC friends as an extended family, with a bond that is unique and unbreakable. We may not see each other for months, but on opening day we pickup just where we left off, laughing, sharing experiences, stories, good times, rubbing rails, exchanging expletives on the race course, and comradery while enjoying cocktails on the deck. I can't thank my grandparents and parents enough for introducing me to this magical place, and I am ever so thankful for the friendships that I have forged at LAYC over the last 41 years. I look forward to a grand summer in 2018, and I am honored to take the helm as your Commodore for the 86th summer of the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club. Together, "WE ARE FAMILY!"

Commodore's Pin/Flag
LAYC is more than just a Yacht Club, it is a place for families to come together, be together, have fun together, get to know each other and enjoy each other's company, and participate in one of the oldest organized sports in the world. I had many thoughts about what my theme should be for this year and one common theme that kept coming back into the conversation was "family". I chose "We Are Family" because I think it most accurately describes our Club, and best represents the unique quality of our Club. Whenever friends from other Yacht Clubs visit LAYC, our sense of Family is what they are most impressed with. Other Yacht Clubs claim to be "family clubs" but none that I have visited has a sense of family like Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club. It is our "special sauce" and is something that we should be proud of and cherish. It is ironic that I will be Commodore in the Club's 86th season, since for years I have been identified on race tally sheets as the skipper of C-Scow AC-86. On the bottom of my pin there are three dates that are important to me in my journey to this summer; 1952 – the year that my Grandparents completed construction on our family cabin at Lake Arrowhead, 1977 – the year that my family joined the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, and 2018 – my Commodore year at Lake Arrowhead Yacht club.


Commodore Rick Cunningham
Vice Commodore Jim Dahl
Rear Commodore Ron Johnson
Fleet Captain Chace Lambert
Port Captain Susie Smith
Secretary Jennifer Diercksmeier
Treasurer Maggie Ashworth
Judge Advocate Mark Lester
Fleet Surgeon Tony Manos
Junior Staff Commodore Terry Martin


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