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1934 - Fourth of July 

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LAYC Historical Sketch
1932 Club incorporated October 3 by Directors Betts, Fox, Hackley, Jaun, McComber, Pier, Van Nuys and Commodore Woestmann; LAYC's fleets included the Arrowhead Sloop, Geary 18, Rainbow Skimmer; unlimited speed motorboat racing began
1942 Installed Marina on North Shore
1943 Installed small marina on South Shore below Village
1945 Purchased land on South Shore ; unlimited speed motorboat racing was changed to predicted time racing in the interests of safety
1946 Start of Olympic class Star Fleet, Arrowhead Woods and lake purchased by the Los Angeles Turf Club; added to marina on South Shore
1948 Leased North Shore Tavern for clubhouse and operated it as a hotel (The present UCLA Conference Center )
1949 First Spring Dinner Dance in Los Angeles
1951 Abandoned North Shore Tavern as clubhouse
1954 Built clubhouse on South Shore lot and discontinued operations of hotel at North Shore Tavern
1955 Start of C-Scow Fleet; Sports Illustrated covered Fleet Review
1957 LAYC members participated and placed first in both "A" and "B" classes of annual International Geary 18 Invitational
1958 Start of Lido 14 Fleet
1959 Installed concrete marinas replacing wood marina
1960 Constructed bar, kitchen, and restroom buildings and made extensive alterations to original small clubhouse
1961 Arrowhead Woods and lake purchased by Lake Arrowhead Development Company
1963 Exchanged upper road frontage to increase lake frontage and gained permanent easement on access road, installed 40-slip marina
1967 Arrowhead Woods purchased by Boise Cascade Corporation
1969 Motorboat and water ski competition discontinued
1970 Start of the Olympic Finn Fleet
1971 LAYC became member of SCYA
1972 Clubhouse refurbished and food service implemented
1973 LAYC dock space lease paid up to year 2000
1974 SCYA met for the first time at LAYC
1975 Start of Hobie Fleet. Lake purchased by property owners, now known as the Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA)
1976 Start of Olympic class Laser Fleet; completion of new dam and Lake Papoose ; historic change in bylaws: the spouse of any member in good standing shall have the same rights and privileges as any member
1977 First woman on Board of Directors
1978 Heavy planning for new addition and new Judges' Stand
1979 Original tent facility was replaced with permanent clubhouse and lakefront bar
1980 Demolition of original Lake Arrowhead Village ; exchanged an easement on access road for increased parking area and additional lake frontage
1981 Winter opening of newly constructed village; heavy snows sink the last of the concrete docks
1982 Celebration of Fiftieth Anniversary – refurbished docks installed
1983 Final payoff of mortgage and construction debt made club debt free
1984 Construction of deck and railing in front of clubhouse, lengthened launch ramp; built BBQ; new clubhouse furniture
1985 Race Committee pontoon boat put into service
1986 Holder Fleet introduced – Club began hosting Antique and Classic Wooden Boat Show
1987 First Lady Commodore elected to office
1991 New Snack Bar and deck addition
1992 Total replacement of docks
1994 Junior Yacht Club awning
1996 First float in Blue Jay Christmas Parade; ALA approved addition of floating racks
1997 First National "California Cup" Regatta for C-Scows; new Race Committee pontoon boat commissioned; installed doors to permit winter storage of large boats in clubhouse
1998 Established Chapter of International Order of The Blue Gavel (IOBG). Established website ""

1st time C-Scows & Geary 18s competed in National Offshore One design (NOOD) Regatta New Canopy on Deck

Second Lady Commodore elected to office

Stopped Hosting Antique and Classic Wooden Boat Show


New Tile Floor throughout kitchen."Third Lady Commodore elected to office

New Perpetual Trophy Display Case"

2001 MC-Scow Fleet #72 Chartered at the club in November 2001
2002 Bark Beetle infestation due to severe drought; thousands of trees removed from the mountain area
2003 Floating sailboat racks installed; Old Fire & Cedar Fire destroy 350+ homes on the east side of the lake, causing over 2 Billion in damage
2004 Lake level lower than ever recorded since 1921 (FEMA 10/2004)
2005 Record rainfall; lake level full in February 2005
2006 New bar and sliding doors are installed
2008 Commodore Ed Purcell commissioned Specialty Commodore "1932" Award – Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
2010 New Ship's Store, offices & Anchor Room construction completed
2012 Drinks tickets are retired and replaced with modern point of sale system.
2013 New docks are installed
2014 JYC Sailing Center (The Shack) Opens and Hobie Beach Commissioned.
2015 New west entrance and signage installed.